Friday, June 1, 2012

Here is a little project that I started a long time ago and finally completed.  She has been a long time being created but sometimes, as everyone well knows, good things come slow.  I was rather pleased at the completion of this project.  She is trying to sing her dolly to sleep, but I do believe she is ready for her bed time. 
Here are my two sisters who are on their way to a museum in Wisconsin.  Every year I help out by creating a theme inspired doll.  This year the theme is an amusement park.  These two little girls are headed to a ride, or to get some cotton candy, or maybe get into a little mischief if they get out of their mom's sight.
I have been busy again.....I know, it's about time.  I have had some spare time to finish a few UFO's (Un-Finished Objects).  I hope you enjoy them.  The first one is a doll that I made for my friend who has been diagnosed with her 2nd case of breast cancer.  She has been cancer free for 5 years.  She was so surprised it brought us both to tears.