Sunday, April 17, 2011

Papa is relaxing in his study before dinner.  He is checking his watch to make sure he isn't late.  Before he heads on down the stairs to the dining room he will grab his coat and be fully dressed for dinner, which is the proper way to be dressed. 
These little cuties are sisters.  There was a lot of thought going into these girls as they were trying to tell me one thing and I was trying to do another.   They finally turned out the way they wanted to and I think are adorable.  Their dresses are made from baby socks.  They are so very soft and delicate looking. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Traveling Doll

This doll was created by myself to send off to the Poose Group portion of msatminidolllist.  She is going to travel throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico to receive articles of clothing.  No one know what she is going to end up being, but I am sure she will be priceless when done.  Hopefully we will auction her off to the highest bidder to help raise some funding for the Posse chat group or msatminidoll list in general.  I will post pictures throughout her travels so you can keep up with her progress.