Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sleepy little one and her dollie for sale

Today marks the 1st day in a long time that I have decided to sell a few of my babies.  I love all of my little ones and it is difficult to separate myself from them.  However, if you see one that you would like to add to your collection, please get in touch with me.  The first doll that I have chosen to let go of is my sleepy little one with her dollie.  She is so tired she is having difficulty in keeping her eyes open.  She and her dollie are for sale for $50.00.  If you would like her don't hesitate in contacting me.  All prices are negotiable.  I'm just trying to lighten my inventory a little bit to make room for more.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Venture at the Treasure Store, Dublin, Ga

  1. Assorted vignettes in frames, tea cups, and misc display items.  This is the top of my display case.  I have a 1/4 scale dollhouse, my original wizard sculpt with his project desk, a lovely Victorian lady in shadow box, Patriotic Mr. and Mrs. Santa, child's play room, cat and dog displays in frames, and tea house in a tea cup.
  2.  This is the display case under lock and key.  A few of my dolls on display for sale and to help raise miniature awareness in Dublin, Ga.  In here I have a couple of Edwardian dolls, along with my Georgian, Tudor, teeny babies, and children of different eras.  I also have a couple of babies with pin backs for those new mommies and nanna's.

3.    Here is our 2nd display case.  This shows  Josies recycled glassware made in Spain with a vew of my dollies added in for color.  In this cabinet I have my doll made with Dana in florida, my Courtisan from Dana's kit, and a faery doll.

Monday, July 30, 2012


This is Sabella.  She was born from a class given by Dana Burton from  Although she looks very complicated, she was actually pretty easy.  It is all of the little touches that brings this doll alive.  Sabella will live with my other Edwardian ladies in a house made especially for ladies of distinction.

Penny Pixie

This is Penny my little pixie.  She had been in my stash for a long time, but never really spoke to me until now.  I am so glad she waited until I had the right material.  She is so adorable with her little smile and bright eyes.  She is ready to bring a tiny bouquet to a lady who is really needs a little cheering up.  Who wouldn't smile with this on their way?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Travel Trailer and '57 Chevy Remember those days

I made this camper trailer a while ago with the MsatMinidolllist project The Trailer Park.  My husband made the chevy from a 1/12 scale kit and painted it to go with the camper.  I have yet to do the doll I want to do, but wanted to share the project with you.  I have it in my family room with the car pulling the trailer...looks so good....and gets lots of attention.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Here is a little project that I started a long time ago and finally completed.  She has been a long time being created but sometimes, as everyone well knows, good things come slow.  I was rather pleased at the completion of this project.  She is trying to sing her dolly to sleep, but I do believe she is ready for her bed time. 
Here are my two sisters who are on their way to a museum in Wisconsin.  Every year I help out by creating a theme inspired doll.  This year the theme is an amusement park.  These two little girls are headed to a ride, or to get some cotton candy, or maybe get into a little mischief if they get out of their mom's sight.
I have been busy again.....I know, it's about time.  I have had some spare time to finish a few UFO's (Un-Finished Objects).  I hope you enjoy them.  The first one is a doll that I made for my friend who has been diagnosed with her 2nd case of breast cancer.  She has been cancer free for 5 years.  She was so surprised it brought us both to tears. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bubba playing the disappearing act on Sammy

SAM....where did he go?

My Posse Tea Party Project

These ladies were offered to the Posse group and the challange was to use one, two, three or all of them in a setting.  I chose to use all of them and place them in a Tea Party.  They represent the British Isles and France.  My name is Welch, heritage is Scottish, Irish, English and French.  Can you guess which doll is from which country??  Of coarse can you tel the Scotish lady brought some of her home brew?....