Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Venture at the Treasure Store, Dublin, Ga

  1. Assorted vignettes in frames, tea cups, and misc display items.  This is the top of my display case.  I have a 1/4 scale dollhouse, my original wizard sculpt with his project desk, a lovely Victorian lady in shadow box, Patriotic Mr. and Mrs. Santa, child's play room, cat and dog displays in frames, and tea house in a tea cup.
  2.  This is the display case under lock and key.  A few of my dolls on display for sale and to help raise miniature awareness in Dublin, Ga.  In here I have a couple of Edwardian dolls, along with my Georgian, Tudor, teeny babies, and children of different eras.  I also have a couple of babies with pin backs for those new mommies and nanna's.

3.    Here is our 2nd display case.  This shows  Josies recycled glassware made in Spain with a vew of my dollies added in for color.  In this cabinet I have my doll made with Dana in florida, my Courtisan from Dana's kit, and a faery doll.

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