Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to make a Memory Trunk

Miniature Memory trunks are quite easy to make.  The main idea is to make it look like it is full of "stuff" to fool the eye. 

1.  You can either buy a miniature trunk kit, a pre-made miniature trunk from your favorite dealer or buy a Michael's wooden miniature trunk in the wood section isle. 
2.  Decorate the outside with your choice of affects.  You can paint a solid color, use crackle paint for an antiqued finish, paper it with leather or material of choice, decopauge with your favorite mini posters, or paint decorative scenes.  It is entirely your choice.  Experiment, it is fun.
3.  I usually paint the inside a dark brown or black to include the top inside edges or any other color to match the lining.  This is to ensure the wood does not show after you have lined your trunk.
4.  Use a small print wallpaper or material and line the inside of the trunk, again to include the top inside edges. 
5.  Cut a piece of styrofoam that will fit nicely on the inside of the trunk.  Make sure it comes flush with the top of the trunk bottom.  In the end, this will give the illusion the trunk is full.
6.  cover the styrofoam with any color velveteen or flannel.
7.  Now the fun begins.  Take the items you have been saving for your trunk and start placeing them "in" the trunk.  Use a piece of material to look like a blanket draped over the edge.  Create a gown an drape it over the trunk.  Fill small spaces with lace, ribbon, beads, notepapers, Christmas or other holiday cards.  Add antique pictures, jewelry, or any other piece of memorabilia that inspires you.  Add a childhood toy, book, or picture.  Let your imagination loose and have fun.....

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